Tuesday, February 28, 2006

T Minus 52 Minutes

Till we launch our WEBSITE!! Don't miss out on our sale and scavenger hunt!!


If you win the scavenger hunt, you can win a custom designed kit!

Hope you will all join us :D!

You're never gonna beleive this....

But Tab and I got lost yesterday. Way lost. We were driving from Livingston, KY to Dayton (coming back home) and we missed our interstate split...and ended up near Louisville before we figured it out! We were 40 miles off course.

You're probably wondering what's so funny about that. We did the same thing back in November. The EXACT same thing. Except that time we only made it to Frankfurt before we realized we were lost.

Ugh. It was dark!

So we ended up at a Flying J and I'm sure were almost mistaken for lot lizards as we went in the truckers entrance and were both dressed as gypsies LOL. We had on gypsy skirts and peasant blouses...what a pair we must have looked like.

So we went in to ask for directions and I lost Tab in the general direction of the all-you-can-eat chinese buffet. At this point she was so smacked out of her mind on Dramamine and painkillers for her toothache that she stared at and touched the "shiny bracelets" for a few minutes before I convinced her to buy a couple of eggrolls...and of all things....green apple licorice.

We got home at 10 last night from our trip to KY. But we got done what we needed to get done there. We applied for a lost title for tab's car, so she can get it redone in Ohio and ran other various errands. What a day! :-)

Monday, February 27, 2006

Fun Family Outing

NOT! We ended having a not so fun family outing to the ER this afternoon. The boys and I have been suffering through some nasty colds this last week. We finally ended up in the ER. I must say they were amazingly wonderful in the ER. WE all got some meds and are feeling a bit better already!

We also got our fishies today. Check out our Bella Gypsy Lagoon!

I used our Pirate's Cove kit from the Dramatic Digs Collection. Don't ask me what kind of fish they are. Lena probably knows, I've already forgotten, but they sure are cute :)!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Bella Gypsy Fun

Yesterday Lena and I finally pried our tushes off our computer chairs and made an outing! We went to the pet store where we made an executive decision to get a fish tank! Now we just have to get some bella fish for our gypsy tank! We'll be sure to take pics when it's all done :). We also went got me some new gypsy wear, I just love gypsy skirts :D!

Our website is getting so close to being done, I can't wait to launch! We are going to have a big sale and lots of fun. Lena has been working very hard on it, I hope everyone will stop by and check out our stuff :).

I could use some get well vibes if anyone has any to spare. My boys and I have been sick for days, I finally got my voice back yesterday but Tristan is still pretty sick.

I'm sorry I'm not nearly as eloquent or articulate as Lena, so bear with me LOL!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Going Well!

Our CT call is going GREAT! We have gained some amazing talent with this call! The official call still runs for several more days but we have already sent some invites out :). I know that is not the typical way to do this but we are not your typical people LOL! We are going to have a large team so hopefully they will be able to keep up with us ;)!

We are in the midst of creating another kit, it's all pretty and springy. The "paperwork" of keeping up with all the ct stuff is overwhelming, trying to keep track of everyone and what kits are being used and what kits have been posted with. It is definitely worth it though :)!

Had a big old fun trip the store today, we filled up two shopping carts full of groceries and then we had to send my sister's husband to the store to get another shelf for the pantry :P! Tristan got to ride in a cart that looked like a race car, he was in seventh heaven. It will save us some trips to store though so we can focus on the important thing....SCRAPPING :D!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Another CT CALL!

Wow, can you believe it!! Another CT Call *thud*! Lena and I are creating much more than I could have alone, so in order not to overwhelm our FABULOUS CT girls, we want to expand a bit. Not sure how many scrappers we will add just yet. We'll keep you updated here :)!
Call ends February 28th!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

More *B*I*G* News!

Hey scrappers!

So sorry I haven't been to update my blog in FOREVER! Things have been quite hectic for me. I've been super busy with designing and my ACOT launch and life in general.

I do have some not-so-happy news to report. My husband and I have seperated, indefinitely. Not sure when or if we will be reconciling. I'm not dwelling on it though. My family has been amazingly supportive through the seperation and I'm doing very well!

My exciting news is that my sister, Lena Brandenburg, and I have merged as a design team! Scrapsy Gypsy Designs is no more! We are now Bella Gypsy Designs :D!! I'm so happy about this. She is a wonderful designer and I know everyone will enjoy her work very much! We have released 7 kits so far, all exclusively available at ACOT.

Our first is Lollipop, a fun bright kit :)!

Our next kits are part of our Dramatic Digs Collection, based on the rooms in our apartment.

Aren't they so cute! I hope everyone will enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them :D! That's it for now! Be sure to check out my designer sample freebie availabe at Digiscrappin.biz!