Sunday, April 30, 2006


Tabatha and I have been working hard lately to get some "unfinished" kits done. This week we released Delicious, which will be available at any day now (just waiting on the admin to finish the upload) Our new "Bella Bytes" are only going to be $3.50!!! Yes, look again...they are only going to be $3.50 at and at 2BScrapped, which is opening June 1st. Here's Delicious!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Much needed update on the Gypsy of Bella Gypsy

Did I ever tell you all I moved back to Kentucky? I did. I do miss Lena and it's much harder to design when I'm not shoulder to shoulder with her but it was time for me to come back to Kentucky. I've been here for nearly a month, I think. It's been a long month. As you can see, we have accomplished some designing but nothing like before. This has less to do with the distance as the fact that life has been topsy turvy.

It has been a difficult transition, settling back in at home with my two boys...alone! This single mom stuff is HARD! I've had a great amount of support of help from family and friends, thankfully. After much thought, my husband and I have decided not to reconcile. I have my ups and downs regarding this, but it's getting better. I do have a new fella in my life that I'm head over heels for, so that makes things a bit easier.

My boys are doing great. Tristan keeps me on my toes, that boy is a raging ball of energy. Gabriel is as sweet as ever. We are still getting his dr's appointments worked out and scheduled. We have 3 in the next 7 days, so we'll be busy, busy, busy.

I also get the extreme joy of having 2 wisdom teeth extracted on Wednesday. I opted for the IV Sedation because I'm the biggest wimp you have ever met LOL! I dread it but I'm also looking forward to getting it over with!

I'll stop blabbing for now! Thanks for reading ;)!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

All Girl!

Finally! A girly-girl kit! There's no mistaking it...using this kit for anything but the girliest of girls might prove dangerous...It's super sweet! Tabatha and I go out of our realm when creating girly girl kits since between us we have three boys....hopefully I have a girly-girl on the way! :)

Monday, April 17, 2006

Crayons is released!

Our newest release from our kid's line called "A Kid's Life" was released today. Crayons is a great kit with great colors....even I can't wait to scrap with it. I know that our wonderful CT is going to have a field day with it! :-)

Sunday, April 16, 2006

All is Quiet on the Midwestern Front

So things have been quite quiet around Bella Gypsy Designs lately. Our creative team is freaking out as Tab and I have been MIA...but things are brewing on the horizon. Good things. We are working on a kid's line right now that will launch at ACOT. We just finished Beyond Safari, a zoo kit which is adorable. And next I think we'll release a primary kit called Crayons! After that, who knows! Tab and I are both going through a huge transition right now since we don't live together anymore. Designing is harder without the support right there and our computers linked via cable. But we will overcome! And our kits should be better than ever! (after our hiatus :-)) That's all for now, bloggerland, I promise we'll *try* to update the blog a little more often!