Thursday, January 14, 2010

Woohoo! Made it through week 2!

I made it through week 2 of project 365! Here is my photo from today! Julian has been looking for his big brothers this morning. They went back to school today! I knew the snow days wouldn't forever but they sure were fun! They may not be completely over. We are still prone to having snow up until March realistically. It is however unusual to have such a long string of them together like we just had.
I've also been anxious to scrap them immediately. I really hate the idea of falling behind at all. I'm afraid if I do I'll quit the whole project again and I really want to succeed this year. I can't remember if I shared the first weeks page. These are inspired by Kayleigh's P365 layouts. You can look her up at MSA. Gorgeous stuff. I'm loving the way they are turning out. Last year I only made it to week 2 in terms of layouts and week 4 in photos.

The big difference is last year I was way overwhelmed. Lena and I were still getting the hang of designing again, making time and still scrapping etc. We were starting a new store (ES), I was trying to keep up with the highly demanding challenge system at SSD and it was just too much to handle all at once. I'm keeping it together better this year and the new challenges at SSD are FABULOUS!


Blogger Lena said...

yes I guess it was a lot harder last year wasn't it? I realized that it has been easier this year but I wasn't sure why. Reading your post makes sense though! Love the layout chickie!

Friday, January 15, 2010 at 9:29:00 AM EST  

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