Thursday, August 31, 2006

Finally! The Dressed for School Dude Freebie Add-On and Coupon!

We wanted to try some new things today so we made some felt blanket-stitched stars...and some coasters! Plus, here's some eyelets and a new layered template! It was hard to come up with an add-on since the original kit is so big! :D

In case you have forgotten, here's the full kit, Dressed for School Dude!

It is available here at ACOT: Dressed for School Dude After you unzip your freebie download, the coupon will make this kit only $2.75 until Labor Day! There's some back to school savings for's not 8 cent glue sticks or anything, but every little bit helps! :)

So I suppose you are here for the free stuff, huh? ;) Here's your daily download! We will have another one tomorrow! :)

Dressed for School Dude Freebie Add-On

Not a whole lot going on here today...just two appointments this morning, and this afternoon and evening we will be feverishly working on our new collection...due out next week! Keep checking the blog for sneak peeks and more information about that.

You're going to wish you were at our house for supper! Tabatha is making her YUMMY Pasta with Fresh Tomatoes. Special giftie for someone who can email us a better name for this yummy recipe. It is soooo delectable and yet we've never been able to name it better. Here's the recipe! :) If you can think of something better to call it, let me know!

This is Tabatha's layout with Atomic Cupcake's Veggie Garden.

That's all from BellaGypsyLand, scrappers! Thanks for visiting our little corner of the universe! :)

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wednesdays' Freebie!

Wednesday's freebie is for our kit, Elementary! Don't remember what the full kit looks like?

Elementary can be found HERE

It's funny because I was saying to Tabatha AFTER we released Elementary, "We should have done a paper pieced bus!" We always do that...think of neat things after the kit is now I had a chance to do one! :) We added an extra alpha, another ribbon, two pieces of stitching, and a layered template! Hope you like the freebie!

Download it and when you unzip it, you'll find a 50% off coupon for the kit Elementary which will be good until Monday--Labor Day!

Elementary Freebie Add-On

Tonight we are eating tacos at Nathan's request...six years ago today he was born...though not until 11 at night, the little bugger...but that's another story! So he got to choose dinner and dessert...he's requested Aunt Tabatha's infamous fudgy brownies...maybe we can pry the recipe out of her one of these days! ;)

We made frog birthday cupcakes for his class...let me see if I can post a picture! Aren't they cute!

I think that's all for now, scrappers! ttfn!


Monday, August 28, 2006

Freebie link!

Thanks for visiting our blog! We wanted to offer you a free add-on to our kit, Dressed for School Diva. Every day this week we will be putting a free add-on here on our blog, so keep checking back! Every freebie will have a coupon in it to pick up the full kit at a discounted rate. Today's freebie has a layered template, 3 stitched felt journaling blocks, one flower, one ribbon, a set of brackets and a set of stitching!

Here's the Dressed for School Diva kit and it can be found HERE. Pick it up this week only for $2.75! The coupon inside the freebie zip is only good until Monday Sept 4th!

Without further ado, here's your freebie link! Diva Add On

We are going to be SUPER busy this week working on some great new stuff!

~Lena and Tabatha

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Twice in one day? Another kit! :)

I'm in blog heaven, scrappers! No, Tabatha and I did not complete two kits in one day! Longing for Fall has been completed for a week, but blogger was acting up last week and wouldn't let me post pictures >(

OT: For the second night in a row Tabatha has set the stove on fire. Tonight we're having Tuscan Chicken...again. YUMMY! It's my favorite. Incidentally, since we live in an apartment, the fire alarm goes off very easily but never when somethings on fire? Things that make you go hmmmmmm.

Back on topic. If you need a great summer or fall kit, here's a coupon code for Longing for Fall!
It's good for 20% off, making the kit only $4.40 until the 31st only! Use the code when checking out!

Also, if you need a great boy/grandson/significant other kit, check out Dirt's also fully of great fall colors! Scroll down for this morning's blog entry on Dirt also has a coupon for blog readers only! :)

We only have ONE week left on our BIG retirement sale!

The six kits from our first collection, Dramatic Digs, are retiring. They are each only $1 for the month of August. We'll be retiring some more kits in September, so don't forget to keep checking back. But head on over to ACOT to pick up these kits for $1 each...they are on the 3rd page of our gallery because we released them a few months ago! :)

Nathan started 1st grade this week so things have been c-r-a-z-y. But things are good--Tabatha and the boys are well, I'm starting to slow down and feel very pregnant...and it's still surreal that I don't have to go to college anymore. Not sure the reality has really sunk in on that one, yet! Thanks so much for all of your well wishes....I'm still just taking it one day at a time :)

That's all from BellaGypsyLand, scrappers...ttfn! :)

We have a house full of dirt magnets! :)

That is, we have three very "boyish" boys in this house! So we decided to make this kit, dirt magnet. Nathan, Tristan, and Gabriel always seem to get into all kinds of messes! Anyway, this kit is up at A Cherry On Top so go snatch it up! Wait! Before you go, take this coupon with you: bgdirtmagnet It's good for 20% off, which makes this kit only $4.40 for one week only! More later, bloggers, now that blogger is finally not acting up anymore (what is up with that?!?!)

Friday, August 18, 2006

Drumroll please.....

Okay, we let Lena's six year old, Nathan pick the winners of the contest! So here are his choices!

Our 3 random blog winners are

* meddlingkidd * riordm * rona *

Congratultions girls!! If you will e-mail I will e-mail you a coupon to get your choice of Dressed for School Dude, Dressed for School Diva OR our new (and last) back to school kit, Elementary, for FREE :)!!

So do you want to see our new kit, Elementary?!! Here ya go!

Elementary available at ACOT!

Isn't it adorable, I couldn't resist redecorating our blog with it! If you didn't win one of these kits for free, we are going to offer you a special coupon JUST for Blog Readers! We offer blog coupons quite often, so check back often if you like a bargain :)!!

Our special blog coupon is: 20offschool

It's good for 20% off, making any of the three BTS kits only $4.40, a nice savings with all of the back-to-school costs! (yikes!)

It is good for Dressed for School Diva, Dressed for School Diva and Elementary until August 31!

In other big news! Lena and I have decided to live together again! It makes the designing process so much easier and since we have both found ourselves to be single moms at the same time it's the perfect opportunity for us to help each other immeasurably!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Pomp and Circumstance

I have SUPER EXCITING news today! After one very long, but worthwhile journey. Lena is currently taking her LAST FINAL EVER! She is GRADUATING COLLEGE!! *hallelujah*!! I'm so absolutely thrilled for her. She has worked so hard and been through so much to reach this day! So if you could please join me in leaving her many congrats on this post, I know she would love it so much!

Lena is graduating college!

I made the little graduation card with our new kit, Elementary, currently uploading at A Cherry on Top right now!!

Psst...don't forget to comment on the post below to have a chance at winning Dressed for School Dude or Dressed for School Diva!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Divas and Dudes!

Have you seen our new back to school kits?!! Dressed for School Diva and Dressed for School Dude are here to ROCK OUT going back to school!! Would you like to win one of these kits? Just comment on this post and we will pick 3 random winners :)!!

Dressed For School Dude available at ACOT!

Dressed For School Diva available at ACOT!

Don't forget, we are retiring our SIX Dramatic Digs kits at ACOT right now. Be sure to catch them for just $1.00 before they are gone!!

Bella Gypsy Designs Exclusively at A Cherry On Top

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Finally an update!

Blogger has been misbehaving for us, so it's been awhile since we updated!

So Friday morning, we got up super early and drove down to the Shriner's Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky! Gabriel's wheelchair had finally arrived and Glen Franklin was there to deliver it and show us how to assemble and disassemble it :)!

Here is Gabriel with some of the Shriner's
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Here is Gabriel with Glen:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I'm proud to say Lena and I have become total experts in this short span of time! I know Gabriel doesn't look to happy in that last photo but we had to snap it to preserve the memory. He really is enjoying his chair!

After we left the hospital we drove down to Brodhead to visit our Aunt Theresa!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

We had a great visit with her. I made my crowd pleasing Tuscan Rosemary Chicken and We swam and used the hot tub until we were exhausted!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

We made the long trek back home on Saturday, which was thankfully eneventful and quiet.

Be sure to check out for our new kits, Dressed for School Diva, Dressed for School Dude and Double Dip! Now say that 5 times real fast :P!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

It's not fair!!!

Hi, bloggers! I am going through major designing withdrawal as "real life" has majorly gotten in the way of my creative niche!!! I cannot wait until tomorrow when I believe Tabatha and I will be releasing a girls Back to School kit. The poor kit has had like 4 different names and at this point I think even we are confused as to what to call it!

What's not fair, you ask? I'm writing this post from school, where I will be from 9 am this morning until 11 pm tonight. ACK! After classes this afternoon I have to hit the library to write a paper...thanks Professor Reed....and tonight I have to sit through the first half of the Organizational Leadership Program's senior dissertations. The second half is next Tuesday night, when I'll be doing's on Change incredibly appropriate with all the change going on in my life right now! So think of me when you are doing whatever you are doing today... I'll be grumpily sitting here at Wright State University, thinking to myself "only 9 more days, only 9 more days, only 9 more days." It's my mantra right now!

Tabatha, sweetie, if you are reading this--Ha! I finally blogged! Betcha didn't expect me to do it from here! ;) Don't let the boys destroy the house--when I get home I'm taking a hot bath and drinking coffee with creme brulee creamer...(hint hint) (*cough* have some made *cough*)

For all of you who have expressed your well-wishes over my situation, thank you so very much. It means a lot...and I hope to blog more about it soon, but I'm surviving. The shock that I've been through in the last month is just tremendous, and I'm doing my best for sweet little Naomi to continue eating and sleeping on a normal schedule--it's just proving to be a mighty task as I get through this life-changing event. The support and love from my family, friends, churchmembers, and even strangers has been overwhelmingly wonderful. Thanks again. (Especially you, Elizabeth Jones, you almost made me cry yesterday!)

Later, bloggers...I'm off to Geology Lab!


Friday, August 04, 2006

Freebie link! Add-on to Sarah Lynn!

Well, you know that we released Sarah Lynn Bella Byte at ACOT, and the response was so great to it that we wanted to give you an download this add-on and use this coupon code to get Sarah Lynn for less than $3!!!!

The code is BlogSarahLynn and it can be used here:
Click Here to Use Sarah Lynn Blog Code!

Click Here for Sarah Lynn Add On Freebie

Leave us a note if you like it! :)


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Introducing Sarah Lynn!

Here's our newest Bella Byte, Sarah Lynn! Our Bella Bytes are only $3.50 anyway, but just for our blog readers, here's a promotional discount! Go to ACOT and when you check out, enter in the promotional code BlogSarahLynn and you will receive 25% off of the byte only until Sunday August 6! This makes the byte only $2.63! We are SUPER busy working on THREE (yes you read it right) Back To School kits, and another work in progress. But take advantage of picking up Sarah Lynn right now! :)

That's all for here from now...have a great day, scrappers! :) ~Lena