Thursday, February 04, 2010

It's been a "ruff" week...

Pardon the pun, you'll really get it when you scroll down a bit LOL! So it really has been a rough week here. I have lots of valid excuses for not blogging. Given that I'm super proud that I managed to keep up with P365 and get my LO done for the week. I am a goddess or something LOL!

So we left off with a bunch of snow! Tim's birthday was Saturday. We got him a Transformers cupcake cake. He loved and it and it was oh-so-yummy! We didn't even have to call the fire deparment :p!

So Sunday we thought we'd go out and play in the snow before it all melted away. Julian did not approve of this activity. He had been out in snow one other time and didn't seem to like it but this truly confirmed it. The boy doesn't like snow.

Of course, by Monday, Gabriel was sick. Really, really sick. Poor little guy. As we would soon see he was only the first.

Now it was my turn to be sick. For the most part I dealt with the symptoms as best as I could I finally broke down and headed to the ER for really bad muscle pain. A shot of phenergan later they sent me home with a prescription.

Wednesday, of course Tristan wakes at 4 am sick. Lena brings us some get well goodies to cheer us up! She's so sweet!

That brings us to today! We are all still under the weather though things are slowly improving. Tristan actually smiled when I went to take his picture. He's watching Netflix onthe desktop. Feel better soon, baby boy!