Saturday, January 23, 2010

Some new pretties to look at....

Week 3 layout! That is one more layout than I managed to complete last year! Woohoo! I'm awesome! LOL :p!

This day had a traumatic beginning. I woke up and internet was down. A call to our ISP estimated it would be down until 6 pm tonight. It's a bit of blur but I think I may have passed out. Of course, it was working again a few minutes later. I find myself braced for it to go down again. Not sure what the problem is but I hope it stays up!

I'm back with 365 photos and some new layouts to share! I'm really enjoying doing this project this year. I know it's still early in the game but I feel optimistic! about sticking with it!

This was taken after Gabriel got home from school Wednesday. It rained on and off all day but we caught a non rainy spot and the mildly warmish weather made it nice enough for us to hang out outside for a little while. I like it! Gabriel is also a very difficult subject to photograph so I was stoked to get a decent photo of him :)!
Early Thursday afternoon a mysterious invitation appeared on my doorstep. I wonder what Lena has up her sleeve. A note jotted on the back of the invitation instructed me not to bother asking questions b/c I wasn't getting anymore answers LOL. I guess we'll see!

Last night Tim and I went out on a DATE! Lena and I have a long standing arrangement of watching each others kids weekly so we can each have date nights but for one reason or another it just hasn't worked out for Tim and I to go out since before Thanksgiving. It was long overdue LOL! We went to a chinese buffet which was unusually yummy and then we went to the movies and saw The Book of Eli. It was fun and the movie was great!

Now, onto my pretties for the week! Using Clementine by Scrapkitchen

Using Lollipop by Melissa Bennett

Using Modern Stone Age Family by Libby Weifenbach

Using U and I by Shawna Clingerman


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