Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blowing off the dust....

Eek! I'm not sure my blog has ever been neglected this badly. Ya know how things go. Overwhelmed with various aspects of life and for me, at least, blogging is the first thing to get cut. It's been a super busy year for us here!

Lena and I have been out of retirement for a whole year now! We've really had a blast creating this year. I'm excited for the upcoming year too!

It seems like the last year of this decade just whirled by me. It's honestly been a pretty good year for me. I've had some pretty rough years since 2005 and it's about time I lived through one without an entirely life changing catastrophe. It makes me excited {and nervous} to see what lies ahead in 2010.

I'm still undecided with the "two thousand ten" "twenty ten" thing. Two thousand ten sounds the most natural to me right now but that could change depending on how the rest of the world decides to go with it :).

I'm going to try my hand at Project 365 again this year. I only made it through January this past year. I hope by giving myself guidelines and prompts I may actually be able to stick with it. I'm also anxious to see the new challenges unveiled at Sweet Shoppe. It was the challenges that originally drew me in over there in 2008. Then they changed their format in 2009 and I just couldn't juggle it all, the system was too demanding for me to keep up with.

I hope to try and blog regularly in 2010. I can't swear I'll do it every single day but I'll surely try to do it several times a week. Before I wrap up this post I'll share my most recent page with. My 2009 in review. It was actually the first one I've ever done really. It was pretty enjoyable and as you can see I used a zillion different kits/element packs. It was actually kind of fun to do that too. I've been such a "kit scrapper" for a good long time now it was fun to go searching for stuff in my dusty old stash :)! I could try and list all the credits here but it would take more energy than I have LOL. Let's just say 97% of this stuff can be found at Sweet Shoppe, including the template I used to scrap it with :)!

2009, I bid you...adieu.