Thursday, September 04, 2008

Miss Scrappy Pants

So I'm sure you may have noticed that I have been in scrapping overdrive lately LOL. I've been digiscrapping since October 2005 but I had an icky HD crash in Feb 07 and lost tons of pictures and all my LOs. That was definitely a hard lesson to learn :(!

I'm dying to use my MPT coupon but I don't want to waste any of it so I'm trying to get at least 200 pages scrapped. At my last check yesterday, I'm only 15 pages away from my goal. Not too shabby. When I first went through and looked at what I had to be printed I had about 160ish pages so that left me with about 40 pages to get done before I sent my order. I do have more pages I could print in my folders but I don't want to print them. I don't want to get caught in an endless cycle of rescrapping stuff but I also don't want to look through my printed scrapbooks and be really displeased with my pages either. I know not every page can be a masterpiece and I'm sure down the road my taste will change and some of the pages I have already printed won't be "as good" to me but that's life. I like them now and now is when I'm going to get them printed LOL. I don't think I'll rescrap something after it's printed though. Gotta draw the line somewhere :P.

We've got a dr's appointment for Julian this afternoon with Genetics. He may have Neurofibromatosis like his father and we are waiting to see if they will give the diagnosis or not. Of course, I'm hoping and praying he won't have it but since he's already showing signs it seems likely that does.

Before I log off to do laundry I'll share my latest scraps with ya :)!

Kit is Boy-sterous by MandaBean
Kit is Wynken, Blynken and Nod by Katie Pertiet
Kit is Wonderful by Shabby Princess
Kit is Chatterbox by Sarah Jones
Kit is Wise Guy by Karen Lewis

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Tuesday? Really?

I hope everyone out there in blogland had a good Labor Day weekend! It's totally thrown me off my game. Yesterday I kept thinking it was Sunday, so of course it feels like Monday to me today LOL! I can't believe it's September already! You can definitely see the beginnings of Fall around here. The slight scattering of leaves, hints of autumn color starting to appear amongst the lush greenery.

This year is flying by! There is Halloween stuff in the stores :o! I should know, I bought Julian two Halloween onesies LOL. They are cuteness! He probably won't fit into the by Halloween anymore but I'm gonna squeeze him in LOL. Don't even ask about costumes, I am at a total loss this year!

Onto my new pages to share! I've been experimenting lately :). Trying to make myself use more than one photo and always journaling on my pages. Actually printing some pages have givem me a new perspective on scrapbooking!

Kit is Mr. Personality by Karah Fredericks
Kit is Mr. Curiousity by Karah Fredericks
Kit is A Fish Story by Traci Reed and Amanda Heimann
Kit is Punk Rock Prince by Heather Roselli