Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Still at it...

Still keeping up with my P365. I'm proud of myself. I haven't struggled or been bored yet either. I rock :)!

This photo from last Friday really reveals a lot about Julian. 1) He loves stuffed animals, my only child to have any interest in them. 2) He's a wallower. He prefers to wallow on me or Tim in the floor but if we aren't available a pillow or stuffed animal will do. 3) The child can't stand tidy. Immediately upon waking from his nap he pulled down all the stuffed animals I had put up while he slept. He feels the same way about toys. He starts chucking them out of the toy box as soon as I get them put away. Little stinker.

Then on Saturday, out tv just up and died. I'm still traumatized about the sudden demise. We decided to temporarily rent this tv, probably a hasty decision but we do what we gotta do! We properly initiated the new tv into our home with Edward Cullen.

Sunday, was a laundry day, oh the joys! Julian enjoys sitting on the dryer and watching Blues Clues while I fold clothes and put them away.

Lena brought me a special treat on Monday. The chocolate-iest chocolate cupcake ever made from Gigi's. It was delish!
Yesterday, was the day Parker and Naomi went back to their mommy's house. It's a good thing they live so close so I can still see them lots and lots.
I haven't taken my photo for today yet. Waiting to see what the day brings. So far its been a lot of cleaning LOL! Before I depart I'll share some of my recent layouts!

This is for the blog bonus 3 challenge at SSD using Dani Mogstad's Monstrosity. I can't believe I had never scrapped these photos of Julian in his monster costume.

For the color challenge at SSD. I used Julie Billingsley and Lauren Grier's A Springy Kind of Fling. I think it is retired now. Such a cute kit. It was fun scrapping these pics from Tristan's babyhood.
Using Melissa Bennett's new kit Pop Rock. This one actually is not for any kind of challenge, just a page for fun!

This one was to hopefully get this song out of my head. If you watch Nick Jr you'll recognize this catchy Laurie Berkner song with no trouble. The kit is Imagination by Dani Mogstad.
I loved doing this page! I used Shauren's new kit Own it! You really must. Such a fun, versatile kit! I can see myself scrapping page after page with it.
Last but not least, a page about yours truly using Scrapkitchen's new kit, Autobiography.


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