Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year, New Me

It may have taken me until 8 p.m but I actually made it back!

I started my day by taking my first P365 photo! For years, I have refused to make resolutions. I realized long ago that I don't actually keep them and it made me feel bad to fail so I stopped bothering. However, this year I feel like I'm full of resolutions LOL. One of which is actually complete P365. I made through January only last year. It wasn't so hard remembering to take photos but editing/uploading/scrapping and all the other stuff I was trying to juggle so I up and dropped it all. This year I'm hoping to be more methodical about it.

Another of my resolutions, which will fall nicely in with P365 is to get more photos of myself, alone and with the kids. Last year, you could literally count on one hand the number of photos I had of myself period. I'm overweight and shy and terrible self conscious about everything but I still need to get in front of the camera more often. So I'm hoping to get at least one photo of myself a month and one photo with the kids, either photos with individual kids or with all of them. Ideally, I'd like the photo to be with all 3 but that might be asking for a miracle or something.

I'm gearing up for a great 2010!


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