Sunday, January 03, 2010

All good things must come to an end....sigh.

Today is the last day of the kids Christmas break. I'm both glad and sad. I know Tristan is probably more than ready to get back to school. They had a super long break because of illness before the Christmas break began.

My P365 photo tried to capture the enjoyment of the last of Christmas Break. He's laying on the bed watching Little Bill with Naomi. I'll be sad to see him go back to school because I'll miss him! He can drive me up the wall sometimes but he's my boy so I love every second of it!

Gabriel has a doctors appointment tomorrow with the nephrologist. He got really sick just before Thanksgiving and he's actually still not quite himself. If he's well enough he'll return to school on Tuesday. I honestly have no idea if it will happen or not. He's fine one moment and not fine the next so we'll just have to see. Poor kid hasn't spent more than a few minutes in school since mid-November O_o!

I got a little more scrapping done yesterday! It felt really good to devote some time to a page! I'm really enjoying SSD's new challenge for mat! WTG, SSD staff!

This page is using a picture I've been needing to scrap for over a year now! It's from Christmas 2008. Julian bouncing in his cousin, Parker's, new bouncy horse thing. I used Melissa Bennett's new kit Buckaroo!

This page was so much fun to do. I used Julie Billingsley's Sketchers 3: Lucky 7's template. This was for the Baby Love Letters Challenge. I really enjoyed the entire creation process.

I wonder how long I can keep this 'blogging every day' thing up. It's been kind of fun!!

We are about to go down and have some cake with Lena and James for his birthday! I can't wait...cake..yuummmmy! See ya next time :)!


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