Thursday, March 15, 2007

My humps...

Again, I couldn't resist!! I know it's wrong on so many levels but Tristan loves that song *lol* I'm sure it wont' be quite as cute when he's 14 and singing something even worse than that, but now I'm going to enjoy it!

I had a moderately productive day!! I got a little bit of light cleaning done around the house. Really more maintenance than anything. My major feat was getting these awesome ribbons done!!
I am sooo happy with the way these turned out. These were a true labor of love! They make an awesome addition to any page, especially all those hot freestylin' layouts rocking the galleries lately. You can find these in my ACOT and Elemental Scraps shoppes. They are 20% for 2 days only! Grab them for $2.40!!

I couldn't wait to try them on a page so I whipped this one up, featuring some of the amazing designers I have the honor of CT'ing for!! I used the Once Upon A Pond kit by Paula Duncan and Christy Lyle at Sweet Shoppe Designs. This layout also features hot Cardboard Flowers and Split'Em's by Micheline Martin!

Read the full credits HERE!


Blogger Paula said...

I am just loving those ribbons and that layout is great!!

Thursday, March 22, 2007 at 2:27:00 AM EDT  

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