Friday, March 30, 2007

Busy, busy, busy

This has been such a busy week for me. It seems like there has been an endless supply of stuff to do! I finally sucked it up and dived into some major spring cleaning projects. I'm happy to say the house is sparkling! It is nice to have a clean house. Send me motivation vibes girls, hopefully I can maintain it! I'm trying to work myself out a daily cleaning schedule so it will be easier. Between scrapping, CT's, designing and advertising sometimes I feel like I'm chained to the computer!

I'm hoping to pick up a new hard drive today! Wish me luck finding a good deal on one! Tim is going to go shopping with me for one. He is my expert computer hero! Not sure how big I'm going to go. Just looking for the best deal, I think!

I've got a few dreaded errands to run today. It's stuff I have been continually putting off. Unfortunately, I think I have reached the point of no return! Sometimes being a grown up sucks!

I'm trying to get stuff done for my debut at SBB! I'm still reeling from shock! I have some stuff ready and I've got some idea floating around for some more stuff. Hopefully the execution of said ideas will come easily. Especially since DST is supposed to be down tomorrow, one major distraction taken care of!

So girls, I don't really want to share the details but if you can spare any prayers, send'em my way, okay! I would really appreciate it!

Before I depart, I shall leave you with my latest creation! This is another photo from little outdoor photo shoot with Tristan a few days ago. I got some really great action shots. I couldn't wait to get this one scrapped!!
Read full credits HERE!


Anonymous Sassy said...

I love that LO!! Great picture too!!!

Friday, March 30, 2007 at 8:56:00 AM EDT  

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